Who creates our gorgeous designs?

We are sometimes asked who designs the clothes for Flaxbloom.

We are so lucky to have a very close collaboration with an Indonesian designer, who has worked with some of the leading high-end clothing companies in Indonesia.
She's traveled widely and is heavily influenced by European and Australian design.
She works with 3 other labels, all in Australia but is very careful about protecting each label's unique designs, and sometimes we share a style.

She comes up with a concept or I will send her an idea and we What's App to discuss. Images go back and forth until we are both happy and then she will make a sample for me to see (via video).

If I am happy, she will do a small run for me and we will see how it suits the Flaxbloom style.

It's much easier now I can get to Indonesia and see her in person. We love spending time together and talking about style, families, and food!