Re-imagine Your Look

Re-imagine Your Look

One of the recurring themes I hear in the shop is that so many of us have reached an age where we no longer know who we are, where we "fit" and what our purpose is in life. These are watershed times, and for some, it's turning 40, 50, 60, or 70

When I turned 60 I spent ages googling women who were 60 to see what other people were doing with their look, and how they planned for the future. For me turning 60 was my watershed time. I couldn't continue my career of 40 years, my health issues meant that my body shape was unrecognisable and my ever-decreasing tolerance of fools ruled out most volunteering :). Unfortunately, most of us don't look like Helen Mirren, and our body shape changes and evolves with hormonal fluctuations, surgery, and bewildering weight gain in the funniest of places. 

 So many stylists end up suggesting that we all dress something akin to bag ladies.  You probably know what I mean...add a belt (and look like a  bulging Christmas cracker), tuck your shirt in wonky (and look like you just forgot to get dressed this morning), or how about some bright blusher (and look like Coco the clown). Phew. Somewhere in there is magic and individuality but getting it right takes time and practice. 

I always ask women in the shop, how do they feel about what are trying on. So often it's a small tweak that transforms the feel of the outfit before the look becomes important. Don't be afraid to ask for alterations. A shorter hem, maybe more fitting or a little looser, we can do most small alterations overnight, and those small changes can allow you full ownership of the look.

Sometimes it's wearing taonga, precious family jewelry that has been passed down. Chunk Nana's necklaces together or hang a pendant on a fine leather string. I have heard that broaches are on their way back so here comes those stunning broaches, lifting plain clothes. Look at what bigger earrings, brighter lipstick or a pair of red shoes can do.

We now stock the wonderful label Meg by Design and when I try anything in this range I feel like there is magic. Sometimes seeing women try luscious silk, linen, and lace on is breathtaking! The MbD range looks so different on each and every body shape and it's amazing how quickly it can be individualised. High heels or Doc Martens, chunky silver or beautiful pearls, this range can take it all.