Handprinted fabric for summer

Those of you that follow us on social media will know that I went on the hunt for beautiful batik fabric for Summer 23/24.

Jogjakarta is famous for its handcrafted batik art and we were lucky to find a couple of workshops that welcomed us. The intensity of the work is incredible and painstakingly slow. The colours are made from jackfruit, mahogany, and indigo leaves, among other natural dyes.

We stayed at a solar-powered eco-homestay with no aircon and beautiful vegetable gardens but all the good intentions went out the window on the third day of 35-degree heat. 
We were off to the 5-star hotel like the non-existent wind. I'll have a gelato by the pool, please :)

The most joyous part is seeing this fabric made into garments, coming to life!


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