What a year: 2020 in retrospect

What a year!

It’s no understatement that 2020 was an extraordinary year for all of us. For Flaxbloom, we opened in Ahuriri at the end of January 2020 and went into lockdown 6 weeks later. Then our workshops in Indonesia went into lock down. It took a great leap of faith (and an incredibly supportive partner) to take one day at a time and hold onto my vision of what Flaxbloom would become.


“Grace is a proactive acceptance, love and caring for our fellow human beings’ person to person[i]

In retrospect it’s been a year of unexpected joy.

During lockdown, we discovered that our neighbours are amazing cooks and we enjoyed great Southland- inspired cakes and biscuits that were delivered to the doorstep. We in turn did the grocery shopping for a friend with chronic health problems. We saw so many small kindnesses amidst the fear and unknowing.

We reopened and found that Hawkes Bay women were loyal, kind and generous. So many of you popped in to say hello. I remember one woman coming in to say that she was buying something small from every shop in Ahuriri to support her local shops.

 The Face of Ethical Trading

The owner of one of the Indonesian workshops we use writes “this is what 3,250 kilos of rice looks like…. my company has been distributing these food packages to our staff monthly for 10 months now.


At the onset of COVID-19 our workshops in Indonesia ran education programs, began making masks, set up hygiene stations in the workrooms and delivered sewing machines to the women’s villages to enable the women to keep on working. There’s no government support in the country so if the women don’t work, the family goes without. So, rice, fruit and vegetables went out to the villages where the staff live.

Most of you know that Flaxbloom has very deep ties with Indonesia and the island of Bali. We've been distressed to see the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Island and have found a wonderful, highly ethical project providing food for the villages most in need. Flaxbloom has pledged 10% of our profits every month to this charity. https://www.facebook.com/One-World-Food-Project-108441167597882/

[i] https://gracefulatheist.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/secular-grace

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