Loving your look #1

So many of us look in the mirror and don't see the whole glorious package, but for many of us trying on clothes is hard.

I'm thinking about what I have learnt since my little shop opened and how I can help women move towards loving their look. I think it comes down to cut, colour or shape (the look of the outfit). 

Does my bum look big in this?

Part of the joy of the business is meeting such a huge variety of women of every shape and size and I’m amazed to realise that MOST PEOPLE HAVE SOMETHING THEY HATE ABOUT THEIR BODY. It doesn’t matter if they are size 10 or 22, 4’8” or 6’ or have a soft round body or a lean toned athletic one, few women love it all!

Some women who exude confidence, love their bodies, and have reached the point of acceptance still laugh at their knobbly veins and saggy bum but they can see the whole picture.

However, so many of us look in the mirror and only see the saggy bum, not the whole glorious package and for many of us trying on clothes is hard!

So often I see a woman wanting something new and halfway through trying on clothes they opt out. They’ve only seen the saggy bum.


Do you relate to this?

If you do, I’ve got a few thoughts.

  • If you are planning to go shopping, wear undies that don’t cut in and a supportive bra.

  • Take a variety of styles into the change room.

  • THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT- ask yourself how do I feel in this? Does it feel great? Can you breathe and move in it?

  • If the answer to the above is yes, now look in the mirror. What do you like- the colour, the cut, the look?

  • Then think about what would make the look a winner.


Accessorise and have fun.

The reason I say this is that most New Zealand women don’t accessorise much. They’ve read somewhere “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Yeah, well thanks Coco, next time I pop down the shops in my Chanel suit I won’t wear my pearls.

For the rest of us adding accessories takes the eye away from what you don’t want to be noticed.

So next time you think about accessories, think what I love about this outfit and that's where your focus should be.

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